About the journal

  • Population, founded in 1946 by Alfred Sauvy, is now a quarterly scientific journal published by INED (www.ined.fr).
  • Population publishes original studies on population questions by researchers in the fields of demography and the related disciplines of sociology, economics, anthropology, history, geography, epidemiology and public health. The journal publishes results of empirical research on all regions of the world, as well as methodological and theoretical studies.
  • Population is addressed to researchers and a wider readership of teachers, students, professionals, experts and policymakers.
  • The journal’s editorial committee is composed of international scientific specialists.
  • Each issue features articles and short papers, some of which may focus on a single theme or problem.
  • Manuscripts of articles (longer texts) and short papers may be submitted in French or English (see Submission guidelines). The journal translates accepted texts into the other language and publishes them in both French (www.revue-population.fr) and English (http://www.journal-population.com/).
  • Submitted papers are reviewed anonymously by two referees and examined by the Editorial Committee, which meets every 2 to 3 months. The author is informed of the Committee’s decision (acceptance, request for modifications, rejection) within 3 to 5 months after reception of the submission, and receives a summary of the reviewers’ reports and the Editorial Committee’s discussions.
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