Demography of the World's Regions: Situation and Trends

Demography of the world’s regions: situation and trends

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Since 2004, Population has presented an annual chronicle on the demography of the world’s regions, coordinated by Dominique Tabutin. Its purpose is to provide readers with a broad overview of demographic trends and to present a comprehensive set of reliable, documented statistical series. Drawing on social, geographical, economic and epidemiological data, the chronicle aims to identify the specific features of demographic change in each of the world’s regions.

Following on from the demography of sub-Saharan Africa in 2004, the Arab World and the Middle East in 2005, Latin America and the Caribbean in 2006, South Asia in 2008, East and Southeast Asia in 2009, Oceania in 2010, and Europe in 2011, this year Magali Barbieriand Nadine Ouellettepresent an overview of demographic developments in Canada and the United States of America since the 1980s, thereby completing Population’s nine-year tour of the world.

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