Book Reviews

Françoise Dureau, Thierry Lulle, Sylvain Souchaud and Yasna Contreras, eds., Mobilités et Changement urbain. Bogotá, Santiago et São Paulo [Mobility and urban change: Bogotá, Santiago and São Paulo], Presses Universitaires de Rennes, Espaces et territoires, 2015, 440 p.

Celio Sierra-Paycha  By the same author


The aim of this collective work is to understand the urban changes that are occurring in major Latin American metropolises in the early twenty-first century. As is indicated by the name of the project this work developed out of – METAL: Métropoles d’Amérique latine dans la mondialisation: reconfiguration territoriales, mobilité spatiale, action publique [METAL: Latin American metropolises (…)