Seventieth Anniversary of Population


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Population celebrates its seventieth anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, we have chosen to republish four articles from 1946, one in each of our 2016 issues. Each one is accompanied by an introductory commentary that highlights the topicality, or obsolescence, of the research topic covered and, from a twenty-first century perspective, looks at how the issues discussed have evolved over time (see Foreword in 1-2016).

Following on from the article by Alfred Sauvy entitled “Assessment of French immigration needs” (1-1946), with an introduction by François Héran and published in Population 1-2016, the second issue featured an article by Paul Vincent on “Population ageing, pensions and immigration” (2-1946), commented by Didier Blanchet.

This latest issue of the journal will present an article by a historical demographer, Jean Meuvret, on “Subsistence crises and the demography of France under the Ancien Régime” (4-1946), analysed by Christine Théré and Isabelle Séguy. The series will be rounded off by an article by Jean Bourgeois on “Marriage, a seasonal custom. Contribution to a sociological study of nuptiality in France” (4-1946) commented by Arnaud Regnier-Loilier and Wilfried Rault.

All Population articles since 1946 are available in electronic format via the Population website ( which links to the Cairn and Persée portals (for the oldest issues), and to Jstor (

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