Volume 57, number 1

200 pages


Page 9 to 30

One Wedding, Two Divorces?
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Consistency and Inconsistency of Male and Female Responses in Russian Divorce Surveys

Patrick Festy and Irina Kortchagina

Page 31 to 56

Life Cycle Variability in the Microeconomic Determinants of Urban-Rural Migration
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Cécile Détang-Dessendre, Virginie Piguet and Bertrand Schmitt

Page 57 to 82

Economic Integration of New Immigrants in the Montreal Labor Market: A Longitudinal Approach
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Victor Piché, Jean Renaud and Lucie Gingras

Page 83 to 108

Law or Speculation?
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A Debate on the Method of Forecasting Population Size in the 1920s

Henk A. de Gans


The Demographic Situation of Europe and the Developed Countries Overseas: An Annual Report

Page 111 to 156

Recent Demographic Trends in the Developed Countries
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Jean-Paul Sardon

Page 157 to 197

Mortality in Europe: the Divergence Between East and West
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France Meslé and Jacques Vallin

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