Volume 57, number 2

200 pages


Page 207 to 235

The Platonic City: History and Utopia
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Yves Charbit

Page 237 to 267

Male and Female Characters in Illustrated Children's Books or
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How children's literature contributes to the construction of gender

Carole Brugeilles, Isabelle Cromer and Sylvie Cromer

Page 269 to 299

Rural Development and Attitudes towards Family Size in Côte d'Ivoire
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Aka Kouamé and Jona Schellekens

Page 301 to 330

Unemployment Leads Women to Postpone the Birth of Their First Child
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Monique Meron and Isabelle Widmer

Page 331 to 357

Women's Employment and Non-Marital Childbearing: A Comparison between East and West Germany in the 1990s
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Dirk Konietzka and Michaela Kreyenfeld


Short Paper

Page 359 to 370

Iranian Families between Demographic Change and the Birth of the Welfare State
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Marie Ladier-Fouladi


Selected from Population 2001

Page 371 to 404

The Hospital, the Woman and the Physician: The Construction of In Vitro Fertilization Trajectories
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Laurence Tain

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