Volume 57, number 3

200 pages



Low Fertility, Family and Public Policies

Page 417 to 446

Sustaining Fertility through Public Policy: The Range of Options
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Peter McDonald

Page 447 to 474

Family Policies in Industrialized Countries: Is There Convergence?
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Anne H. Gauthier

Page 475 to 507

Fertility, Timing of Births and Socio-economic Status in France and Britain
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Social Policies and Occupational Polarization

Olivia Ekert-Jaffé, Heather Joshi, Kevin Lynch, Rémi Mougin and Michael Rendall

Page 509 to 526

For Richer or Poorer? Marriage as an Anti-Poverty Strategy in the United States
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Wendy Sigle-Rushton and Sara McLanahan


Issues of Terminology, Data Collection, and Measurement

Page 529 to 552

Identifying the Population with Disability: The Approach of an INSEE Survey on Daily Life and Health
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Jean-François Ravaud, Alain Letourmy and Isabelle Ville


Short Paper

Page 555 to 567

The Terminology of Homelessness in France in News Agency Dispatches
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Julien Damon


Selected from Population 2001

Page 571 to 592

The Impact of Data Collection Methodology on the Reporting of Illicit Drug Use by Adolescents
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François Beck and Patrick Peretti-Watel

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