Volume 57, number 4-5

200 pages


Page 601 to 629

Improving the Accuracy of Life Tables for the Oldest Old:
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The Case of France

France Meslé and Jacques Vallin

Page 631 to 657

Democratization or Increase in Educational Inequality?
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Changes in the Length of Studies in France, 1988-1998

Pierre Merle

Page 659 to 685

Child Fostering under Six in Senegal in 1992-1993
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Céline Vandermeersch


The Demographic Situation in France

Page 687 to 728

Recent Demographic Developments in France
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France Prioux

Page 729 to 752

France's One-Parent Families in 1999
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Élisabeth Algava


The Demographic Situation in France - Short paper

Page 753 to 761

Do Populations Conform to the Law of Anomalous Numbers?
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Frédéric Sandron


Selected from Population 2001

Page 763 to 792

Measurement and Practices of Social and Racial Segmentation in Cali
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A Survey of African Colombian Households

Olivier Barbary

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