Volume 57, number 6

200 pages


Page 801 to 827

Demography and Politics in the First Post-Soviet Censuses:
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Mistrusted State, Contested Identities

Dominique Arel

Page 829 to 854

Paleodemography and Historical Demography in the Context of an Epidemic
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Plague in Provence in the Eighteenth Century

Michel Signoli, Isabelle Séguy, Jean-Noël Biraben and Olivier Dutour

Page 855 to 884

The Political Failure of an Economic Theory: Physiocracy
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Yves Charbit

Page 885 to 914

The Shock of Widowhood on the Eve of Old Age: Male and Female Experiences
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Christiane Delbès and Joëlle Gaymu


Short paper

Page 917 to 926

The Practice of Naturalization in Switzerland: A Statistical Overview
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Philippe Wanner and Étienne Piguet


Selected from Population 2001

Page 929 to 957

Demand for Contraception in Sahelian Countries: Are Men's and Women's Expectations Converging?
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Burkina Faso and Mali, Compared to Ghana

Armelle Andro and Véronique Hertrich

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