Volume 58, number 1

200 pages


Page 9 to 42

The Local Family Circle
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Catherine Bonvalet

Page 43 to 66

Trajectories of Extreme Survival in Heterogeneous Populations
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Elisabetta Barbi, Graziella Caselli and Jacques Vallin

Page 67 to 96

Permanent Celibacy and Late Marriage in the Netherlands, 1890-1960
free access

Theo Engelen and Jan Kok

Page 97 to 130

The Novelty of an Old Genre: Louis Henry and the Founding of Historical Demography
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Paul-André Rosental


Short paper

Page 133 to 144

Sex Preferences for Children Revisited: New Evidence from Germany
free access

Karsten Hank and Hans-Peter Kohler

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