Volume 58, number 3

200 pages



Short Paper

Page 383 to 394

Demographic Determinants of the Sex Ratio at Birth in the Saguenay Population, Quebec
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Marc Tremblay, Hélène Vézina and Louis Houde

Page 273 to 302

The Fertility of Palestinian Women in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan and Lebanon
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Marwan Khawaja

Page 303 to 322

Wilhelm Lexis: The Normal Length of Life as an Expression of the “Nature of Things”
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Jacques Véron and Jean-Marc Rohrbasser

Page 323 to 357

Population Patterns and Household Trajectories in the Residential Milieu: the Example of the Seine-Saint-Denis
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Jean-Pierre Lévy


Particularities of the Population of Quebec

Page 361 to 380

The Transmission Probabilities of Founder Genes in Five Regional Populations of Quebec
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Marc Tremblay, Julie Arsenault and Évelyne Heyer

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