Volume 58, number 4-5

200 pages


Page 401 to 428

Demographic Behaviour and Behaviour Genetics
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Atam Vetta and Daniel Courgeau

Page 429 to 450

Censuses, Elections and Population: the Case of Macedonia
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Youssef Courbage

Page 451 to 486

Re-Emerging Diversity: Rapid Fertility Changes in Central and Eastern Europe After the Collapse of the Communist Regimes
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Tomás Sobotka

Page 487 to 522

Men Medically Assisted to Reproduce:
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AID, IVF, and ICSI, an Assessment of the Revolution in the Medical Treatment of Male Factor Infertility

Élise de La Rochebrochard


The Demographic Situation in France

Page 525 to 558

Recent Demographic Developments in France
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France Prioux

Page 559 to 578

Age at First Union in France: A Two-Stage Process of Change
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France Prioux

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