Volume 58, number 6

200 pages


Page 587 to 622

The Demography of an Equitable and Stable Intergenerational Transfer System
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Gustavo De Santis

Page 623 to 654

Two Ages of Worker Emigration
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Migration and Non-Migration in an Industrial Village

Nicolas Renahy, Cécile Detang-Dessendre and Séverine Gojard


Factors of Fertility Change in Africa

Page 657 to 686

The Role of Abortion in the Fertility Transition in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) during the 1990s
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Agnès Guillaume

Page 687 to 715

Reproductive Strategies and Decisions in Senegal: The Role of Child Mortality
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Sara Randall and Thomas Legrand

Page 717 to 744

Polygyny and Fertility in Rural Senegal
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Solène Lardoux and Etienne Van de Walle

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