Volume 59, number 1

200 pages


Page 9 to 48

The Returns to Education and Experience : Trends in France over the Last Thirty-Five Years
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Marion Selz-Laurière and Claude Thélot

Page 49 to 80

An Estimation of the Foreign-Origin Populations of France in 1999
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Michèle Tribalat

Page 81 to 114

The Demography of a Learned Society
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The Académie des Sciences (Institut de France), 1666-2030

Henri Leridon


Short Papers

Page 117 to 128

Detecting Stopping and Spacing Behaviour in Historical Demography
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A Critical Review of Methods

Jan Van Bavel

Page 129 to 142

A Comparison Between Homeless, Domiciled and Vulnerable Populations in Madrid
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Manuel Muñoz, Carmelo Vázquez and José Juan Vázquez

Page 143 to 156

Determinants of Electoral Non-Registration and Sensitive Neighbourhoods in France
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Jean-Louis Pan Ké Shon

Page 157 to 158

Book Reviews
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