Volume 59, number 2

200 pages


Page 167 to 194

Demographic and Social Characteristics of Murderers and their Victims
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A Survey on a Département of the Paris Region in the 1990s

Laurent Mucchielli

Page 195 to 228

Migrants and AIDS: Risk Management versus Social Control
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An Example from the Senegal River Valley

Richard Lalou and Victor Piché

Page 229 to 260

Can the Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918 Explain the Baby Boom of 1920 in Neutral Norway ?
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Svenn-Erik Mamelund


The Demographic Situation of Europe and the Developed Countries Overseas: An Annual Report

Page 263 to 314

Recent Demographic Trends in the Developed Countries
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Jean-Paul Sardon

Page 315 to 336

The European Union at the Time of Enlargement
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Alain Monnier

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