Volume 59, number 3-4

200 pages


Page 347 to 356

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Nathalie Bajos, Henri Leridon and Nadine Job-Spira

Page 357 to 385

Attrition in the COCON Cohort Between 2000 and 2002
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Nicolas Razafindratsima, Ngoy Kishimba and Ngoy Kishimba

Page 387 to 414

The Pill and the Condom, Substitution or Association ?
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An Analysis of the Contraceptive Histories of Young Women in France, 1978-2000

Clémentine Rossier, Henri Leridon and Henri Leridon

Page 415 to 437

Social Inequalities in Access to Contraception in France
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Nathalie Bajos, Pascale Oustry, Henri Leridon, Jean Bouyer, Nadine Job-Spira, Danielle Hassoun and Danielle Hassoun

Page 439 to 454

Question Comprehension and Recall : The Reporting of Induced Abortions in Quantitative Surveys on the General Population
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Caroline Moreau, Nathalie Bajos, Jean Bouyer and Jean Bouyer


Demography of the World's Regions: Situation and Trends

Page 455 to 555

The Demography of Sub-Saharan Africa from the 1950s to the 2000s
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A Survey of Changes and a Statistical Assessment

Dominique Tabutin and Bruno Schoumaker

Page 557 to 558

Book Reviews
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