Volume 59, number 5

200 pages


Page 567 to 592

Why People Stay : The Impact of Community Context on Nonmigration in the USA
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Michael Irwin, Troy Blanchard, Charles Tolbert, Alfred Nucci and Thomas Lyson


The Demographic Situation in France

Page 595 to 634

Recent Demographic Developments in France
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France Prioux

Page 635 to 672

Recent Immigration Trends in France and Elements for a Comparison with the United Kingdom
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Xavier Thierry


Short Papers

Page 675 to 688

Designing a Survey on Adoption in France
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Juliette Halifax and Catherine Villeneuve-Gokalp

Page 689 to 702

A Person-Period Approach to Analysing Birth Histories
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Bruno Schoumaker

Page 703 to 710

Estimation of French Internal Migration in the Period 1990-1999 and Comparison with Earlier Periods
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Daniel Courgeau and Éva Lelièvre


Book Reviews

Page 711 to 711

Book Reviews
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