Volume 59, number 6

200 pages


Page 721 to 764

Peasant Marriage in Nineteenth-Century Russia
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Alexandre Avdeev, Alain Blum and Irina Troitskaia

Page 765 to 794

The Frequency of Twin Births in France
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The Triple Influence of Biology, Medicine and Family Behaviour

Gilles Pison and Nadège Couvert

Page 795 to 830

Exploring explanatory models
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An event history application

Xavier Bry and Philippe Antoine


Aspects of Gender Bias Against Female Children in Asia

Page 831 to 863

Regional Patterns of Sex Bias and Excess Female Child Mortality in India
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Perianayagam Arokiasamy


Short Paper

Page 865 to 878

Missing Girls in South Korea: Trends, Levels and Regional Variations
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Doo-Sub Kim


Book Reviews

Page 879 to 879

Book Reviews
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