Volume 60, number 1-2

200 pages


Page 11 to 35

Restoring the Notion of Family in France
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Pronatalist and Pro-family Propaganda in Schools and Army Barracks (1920-1940)

Virginie De Luca

Page 37 to 64

Partner Supply in Britain and the US
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Estimates and Gender Contrasts

Máire Ní Bhrolcháin and Wendy Sigle-Rushton

Page 65 to 91

Disability in French Prisons
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How Does the Situation Differ from That of the General Population?

Aline Désesquelles

Page 93 to 118

Working Conditions: How are Older Workers Protected in France?
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Ariane Pailhé

Page 119 to 145

Cause-specific Mortality in France and in the Former FRG, 1950-95
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Similarities and Differences

Benoît Haudidier


Short Paper

Page 149 to 168

Women's Employment and Fertility in Latin America
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A review of the question

Ingrid Schockaert


Book Reviews

Page 169 to 170

Book Reviews
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