Volume 60, number 3

200 pages


Page 179 to 198

The Couple and HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa
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Telling the Partner, Sexual Activity and Childbearing

Annabel Desgrées du Loû

Page 199 to 229

Economic Crisis and Mortality:
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The Case of Antananarivo, 1976-2000

Dominique Waltisperger and France Meslé

Page 231 to 258

Identity in Question: The Development of a Survey in France
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Isabelle Ville and France Guérin-Pace

Page 259 to 298

Housing and Household Size in Local Population Dynamics
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The example of Paris

Alfred Dittgen


Short paper

Page 301 to 315

The Impact of the 1948 Housing Law on Residential Trajectories in the Paris Region
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Maud Loiseau and Catherine Bonvalet


Book reviews

Page 317 to 318

Book reviews
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