Volume 60, number 4

200 pages


Page 331 to 367

The Death Toll of the Rwandan Genocide: A Detailed Analysis for Gikongoro Province
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Marijke Verpoorten


The demographic situation in France

Page 371 to 414

Recent Demographic Developments in France
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France Prioux

Page 415 to 445

Two Children or Three?
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Influence of Family Policy and Sociodemographic Factors

Didier Breton and France Prioux


Definitions, collection methods and measurement

Page 449 to 472

Surveying the HIV-Positive Population in France
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The VESPA 2003 survey

Patrick Peretti-Watel, Benoît Riandey, Rosemary Dray-Spira, Anne-Deborah Bouhnik, Rémi Sitta, Yolande Obadia and Yolande Obadia


Short paper

Page 473 to 488

Living with HIV in Thailand: Assessing Vulnerability through a Life-Event History Approach
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Sophie Le Cœur, Wassana Im-Em, Suporn Koetsawang and Éva Lelièvre

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