Volume 60, number 5-6

200 pages



Demography of the world's regions: situation and trends

Page 505 to 615

The Demography of the Arab World and the Middle East from the 1950s to the 2000s
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A Survey of Changes and a Statistical Assessment

Dominique Tabutin and Bruno Schoumaker

Page 617 to 654

Age Difference between Spouses and Contraceptive Practice in Sub-Saharan Africa
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Magali Barbieri and Véronique Hertrich

Page 655 to 698

Adult Migrant Mortality Advantage in Belgium: Evidence Using Census and Register Data
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Patrick Deboosere and Sylvie Gadeyne

Page 699 to 720

The preferred burial location of persons born outside France
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Claudine Attias-Donfut and François-Charles Wolff


Book reviews

Page 721 to 722

History of populations and history of demographic knowledge
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