Volume 61, number 1-2

200 pages


Page 11 to 13

Etienne van de Walle 1932-2006
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Henri Leridon

Page 15 to 15

To our readers
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Michel Bozon, Éva Lelièvre and Francisco Munoz-Pérez

Page 19 to 28

Sociology and demography
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Jean Stoetzel

Page 29 to 40

Jean Stoetzel, Demography and Public Opinion: for the Sixtieth Anniversary of Population
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Paul-André Rosental

Page 41 to 70

Effects of Pension Reforms on Gender Inequality in France
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Carole Bonnet, Sophie Buffeteau and Pascal Godefroy

Page 71 to 97

Collecting Community Histories to Study the Determinants of Demographic Behaviour
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A Survey in Burkina Faso

Bruno Schoumaker, Hubert Bonayi Dabire and Bilampoa Gnoumou-Thiombiano

Page 99 to 127

The Influence of Childbearing Regional Contexts on Ideal Family Size in Europe
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Maria Rita Testa and Leonardo Grilli


Short paper

Page 131 to 142

The Effects of Family Policy in the Former GDR on Nuptiality and Births Outside Marriage
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Anne Salles

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