Volume 61, number 4

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The demographic situation in France

Page 323 to 363

Recent Demographic Developments in France
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France Prioux

Page 365 to 387

Recent Improvements in Life Expectancy in France: Men are Starting to Catch Up
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France Meslé

Page 389 to 415

High Fertility or Childlessness: Micro-Level Determinants of Reproductive Behaviour in Italy
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Letizia Mencarini and Maria Letizia Tanturri

Page 417 to 453

Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Couples in Europe
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Patrick Festy


Short Papers

Page 457 to 471

Sexual Activity after Conjugal Separation
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Women and the Age Constraint

Nathalie Beltzer and Michel Bozon

Page 473 to 483

Under-Reporting of Contraceptive Use in Surveys: An Example from a Rural Area of Sub-Saharan Africa
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Emmanuelle Guyavarch

Page 485 to 501

Analysis of Social Inequalities in Perinatal Health Using Census Data
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The Risk of Very Preterm Birth in the Paris Region

Linda Lasbeur, Monique Kaminski, Pierre-Yves Ancel, Christiane du Mazaubrun, Jennifer Zeitlin and Jennifer Zeitlin


Book Reviews

Page 503 to 503

Book Reviews
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