Volume 61, number 5

206 pages
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Demography of the World's Regions: Situation and Trends

Page 519 to 620

The Demography of Latin America and the Caribbean since 1950
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José Miguel Guzmán, Jorge Rodríguez, Jorge Martínez, Juan Manuel Contreras and Daniela González


Foreigners, Immigrants and Children of Immigrants. Historical and Sociological Aspects of Integration and Employment

Page 621 to 643

Judged on their Paperwork
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The Processing of Migrant Applications for Residence and Work Permits in France (1917-1984)

Anne-Sophie Bruno, Philippe Rygiel, Alexis Spire and Claire Zalc

Page 645 to 682

The Persistence of Intergenerational Inequalities linked to Immigration: Labour Market Outcomes for Immigrants and their Descendants in France
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Dominique Meurs, Ariane Pailhé and Patrick Simon


Short Papers

Page 685 to 699

An Extension of Sports Demography: Duration Analysis Applied to Populations of Sports Federation Members
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Florence de Bruyn and Arnaud Bringé

Page 701 to 718

The Iranian Fertility Decline, 1981-1999: An Application of the Synthetic Parity Progression Ratio Method
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Meimanat Hosseini-Chavoshi, Peter McDonald and Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi


Book Reviews

Page 719 to 719

Book Reviews
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