Volume 62, number 2

150 pages
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Page 183 to 211

Surviving Old Age in an Ageing World Old People in France, 1820-1940
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Jérôme Bourdieu and Lionel Kesztenbaum

Page 213 to 237

Malthus and Three Approaches to Solving the Population Problem
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Donald Rutherford

Page 239 to 270

The Road to Successful Adoption.

A Survey in France

Catherine Villeneuve-Gokalp

Page 271 to 291

Familial and Environmental Influences on Longevity in Historical Quebec
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Ryan Mazan and Alain-G. Gagnon

Page 293 to 311

Too Poor to Marry?

Urban Employment Crisis and Men's First Entry into Union in Burkina Faso

Anne-Emmanuèle Calvès


Short paper

Page 313 to 337

Did the Prevalence of Disability in France Really Fall Sharply in the 1990s?

A Discussion of Questions asked in the French Health Survey

Emmanuelle Cambois, Jean-Marie Robine and Pierre Mormiche


Book reviews

Page 339 to 339

Book reviews
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