Volume 62, number 3

192 pages
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Page 351 to 379

Childbearing Patterns of Foreign Women in a New Immigration Country
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The Case of Spain

Marta Roig Vila and Teresa Castro-Martín

Page 381 to 414

Estimating Mortality with the Intercensus Cohort Component Method:
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Application to the Solomon Islands

George Groenewold, Jeroen Van Ginneken, Bart De Bruijn and Joop De Beer


The demographic situation in France

Page 417 to 456

Recent Demographic Developments in France: Fertility at a More Than 30-Year High
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France Prioux

Page 457 to 485

Heat Waves, Ordinary Temperature Fluctuations and Mortality in France since 1971
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Grégoire Rey, Anne Fouillet, Éric Jougla and Denis Hémon


Short papers

Page 489 to 505

Trajectories and Landmark Events: How People Narrate their Lives Analysis of Life Course Facts and Perceptions
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Caroline Laborde, Éva Lelièvre and Géraldine Vivier

Page 507 to 521

The Birth of a Child: Perception as a Key Life Event
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Olivia Samuel and Sylvie Vilter

Page 523 to 543

Tuberculosis Mortality among the Jews of Tunis (Tunisia) in the First Half of the Twentieth Century
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Daniel Cattan, Alain Mallet and Josué Feingold


Book reviews

Page 545 to 546

Book Reviews
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