Volume 63, number 3

198 pages
I.S.B.N. 2733230893


Page 375 to 413

Recent demographic developments in France: life expectancy still rising
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France Prioux

Page 415 to 439

Strengths and uncertainties of the French annual census surveys
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Guy Desplanques

Page 443 to 467

Malaria resurgence in Senegal: measuring malaria mortality in Mlomp
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Géraldine Duthé

Page 469 to 490

Village context and health-seeking behaviour in the Fatick region of Senegal
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Aurélien Franckel, Frédéric Arcens and Richard Lalou

Page 491 to 518

Chikungunya on Réunion Island : social, environmental and behavioural factors in an epidemic context
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Michel Setbon and Jocelyn Raude

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  • Vol. 63, 2008/3 - 198 pages
  • I.S.B.N. : 2733230893