Volume 63, number 4

148 pages
I.S.B.N. 9782733230916


Page 533 to 556

Comparing Qualitative Harmonic Analysis and Optimal Matching
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An Exploratory Study of Occupational Trajectories

Nicolas Robette and Nicolas Thibault

Page 557 to 590

Minimum Mortality: A Predictor of Future Progress?
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Jacques Vallin and France Meslé

Page 591 to 614

Late-Fetal Mortality: Historical Perspectives on Continuing Problems of Estimation and Interpretation
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Robert Woods


Short Papers

Page 617 to 634

The Distribution of Environmental Risks: Analytical Methods and French Data
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Lucie Laurian

Page 635 to 649

Empirical Evidence of Population Concentration in Spain, 1900-2001
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Francisco J. Goerlich and Matilde Mas

Page 651 to 667

Do Immigrant-Origin Students Progress Faster at School? The Case of France
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Héctor Cebolla Boado

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  • Vol. 63, 2008/4 - 148 pages
  • I.S.B.N. : 9782733230916