Volume 64, number 2

158 pages
I.S.B.N. 9782733230954


Page 235 to 272

Increased Women's Labour Force Participation in Europe: Progress in the Work-Life Balance or Polarization of Behaviours?
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Olivier Thévenon

Page 273 to 291

Thirty Years of Research into Rendu-Osler-Weber Disease in France: Historical Demography, Population Genetics and Molecular Biology
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Guy Brunet, Gaëtan Lesca, Emmanuelle Génin, Sophie Dupuis-Girod, Alain Bideau and Henri Plauchu

Page 293 to 318

Completing Life Histories with Imputed Exit Dates: A Method for Historical Data from Passive Registration Systems
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George Alter, Isabelle Devos and Alison Kvetko

Page 319 to 339

The French Response to the Demographic Works of Alfred Lotka
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Jacques Véron

Page 341 to 360

Social Control and the Intergenerational Transmission of Age at Marriage in Rural Holland, 1850-1940
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Jan Van Bavel and Jan Kok

Page 361 to 375

Estimating False Migrations in Spain
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Carmen Ródenas Calatayud and Mónica Martí Sempere

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