Volume 64, number 3

200 pages
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Demographic developments in France

Page 393 to 442

Recent Demographic Developments in France: Tenth Anniversary of the PACS Civil Partnership, and Over a Million Contracting Parties
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France Prioux and Magali Mazuy

Page 443 to 476

Abortion Trends in France, 1990-2005
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Clémentine Rossier, Laurent Toulemon and France Prioux



Page 477 to 506

Pro-Natalism and Hygienism in France, 1900-1940. The Example of the Fight against Venereal Disease
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Virginie De Luca

Page 507 to 554

Trajectories of Immigrants' Children in Secondary Education in France: Differentiation and Polarization
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Yaël Brinbaum and Annick Kieffer

Page 555 to 588

Losses and Changes of Filiation among Children Born in France since the 1960s
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Francisco Munoz-Pérez


Book reviews

Page 589 to 590

Book Reviews
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