Volume 65, number 2

128 pages
I.S.B.N. 9782733231036




Page 217 to 250

Religious Affiliation and Mortality in Switzerland, 1991-2004
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Mathias Lerch, Michel Oris, Philippe Wanner and Yannic Forney

Page 251 to 284

Changes in Labour Market Status Surrounding Union Dissolution in France
free access

Carole Bonnet, Anne Solaz and Elisabeth Algava

Page 285 to 311

Web Surveys in the Social Sciences: An Overview
free access

Didier Frippiat and Nicolas Marquis


Short papers

Page 313 to 331

Fertility Transition in India between 1977 and 2004
free access

Analysis using Parity Progression Ratios

Thomas Spoorenberg

Page 333 to 348

Economic and Non-Economic Determinants of Return Migration: Evidence from Rural Thailand
free access

Martin Piotrowski and Yuying Tong

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  • Vol. 65, 2010/2 - 128 pages
  • I.S.B.N. : 9782733231036