Volume 65, number 3

192 pages



The demographic situation in France

Page 363 to 413

Recent Demographic Developments in France: Fewer Adults Live with a Partner
free access

France Prioux, Magali Mazuy and Magali Barbieri

Page 415 to 449

Women's Fertility and Educational Level in France: Evidence from the Annual Census Surveys
free access

Emma Davie and Magali Mazuy



Page 451 to 478

China's Recent Fertility Decline: Evidence from Reconstructed Fertility Statistics
free access

Zhongwei Zhao and Xiaomu Zhang


Short papers

Page 481 to 497

Population Replacement and Migration in Two Spanish Regions during the Twentieth century
free access

Alberto del Rey Poveda and Mar Cebrán-Villar

Page 499 to 514

Correcting for Under-Estimation of Infant Mortality in Moldova
free access

Olga Penina, France Meslé and Jacques Vallin

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