Volume 65, number 4

128 pages
I.S.B.N. 9782733231074


Page 527 to 540

Louis Roussel (1921-2011)
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François Héran


Cohort studies: a vital tool for understanding child development

Page 543 to 574

Constructing a Cohort: Experience with the French Elfe Project
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Claudine Pirus, Corinne Bois, Marie-Noëlle Dufourg,, Jean-Louis Lanoë, Stéphanie Vandentorren and Henri Leridon

Page 575 to 629

Large Child Cohort Studies across the World
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Claudine Pirus and Henri Leridon



Page 631 to 652

Mortality Patterns of Cardinals (Sixteenth – Twentieth Centuries)
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Alessio Fornasin, Marco Breschi and Matteo Manfredini

Page 653 to 678

Maternal Mortality in Rural Senegal
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The Experience of the New Ninéfescha Hospital

Almamy Malick Kanté and Gilles Pison


Short papers

Page 679 to 693

Male Singlehood, Poverty and Sexuality in Rural China: An Exploratory Survey
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Li Shuzhuo, Zhang Qunlin, Yang Xueyan and Isabelle Attané

Page 695 to 712

Family Rationales behind Child Begging in Antananarivo
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Jérôme Ballet, Augendra BHUKUTH, Felana Rakotonirinjanahary and Miantra Rakotonirinjanahary

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