Volume 66, number 2

180 pages
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Page 239 to 273

Second-Union Fertility in France: Partners' Age and Other Factors
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Éva Beaujouan

Page 275 to 301

Gender and Migration: The Sexual Debut of Sub-Saharan African Migrants in France
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Élise Marsicano, Nathalie Lydié and Nathalie Bajos

Page 303 to 331

The Intimate Orientations of the First “PACS” Couples in France
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Wilfried Rault and CSF group

Page 333 to 359

Occupational Mobility and Mortality in France
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Links Confirmed for Men, Emergent for Women

Emmanuelle Cambois and Caroline Laborde

Page 361 to 389

Fertility Intentions and Obstacles to their Realization in France and Italy
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Arnaud Régnier-Loilier and Daniele Vignoli


Short paper

Page 391 to 405

The Transition to Second Child in Italy: Expectations and Realization
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Francesca Rinesi, Antonella Pinnelli, Sabrina Prati, Cinzia Castagnaro and Claudia Iaccarino

Page 407 to 408

Book Reviews
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  • Vol. 66, 2011/2 - 180 pages
  • I.S.B.N. : 9782733231111