Volume 66, number 3-4

252 pages
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The demographic situation in France

Page 422 to 472

Recent Demographic Developments in France
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Some Differences between the Overseas Départements and Metropolitan France

Magali Mazuy, France Prioux and Magali Barbieri

Page 473 to 517

Labour Market Integration of Young People from the French Overseas Départements: At Home or in Metropolitan France?
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Franck Temporal, Claude-Valentin Marie and Stéphane Bernard



Page 519 to 542

Below Replacement Fertility Preferences in Shanghai
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M. Giovanna Merli and S. Philip Morgan

Page 543 to 560

Estimating the Number of Immigrants in Spain: An Indirect Method Based on Births and Fertility Rates
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Luis Rosero-Bixby, Teresa Castro-Martín, David Reher and María Sánchez-Domínguez

Page 561 to 581

Living Together Apart in France and the United States
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Claude Martin, Andrew Cherlin and Caitlin Cross-Barnet

Page 583 to 609

Pellagra in Late Nineteenth Century Italy: Effects of a Deficiency Disease
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Monica Ginnaio

Page 611 to 636

Johann Peter Süssmilch: From Divine Law to Human Intervention
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Justus Nipperdey

Page 637 to 662

End of the Conjugal Relationship, Gender and Domestic Tasks in Switzerland
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Boris Wernli and Caroline Henchoz


Book Reviews

Page 663 to 663

Book Reviews
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