Volume 67, number 1

168 pages
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Page 7 to 38

Health Crisis and Mortality Trends by Causes of Death in Belarus (1965-2008)

Pavel Grigoriev


Quality of life of the over-60s in Europe: a gender perspective

Page 40 to 42

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Patrick Festy and Joëlle Gaymu

Page 43 to 69

How does Living Alone or with a Partner Influence Life Satisfaction among Older Men and Women in Europe?
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Joëlle Gaymu and Sabine Springer

Page 71 to 95

Gender Differences in Care Home Use among Older Finns and Belgians

Elina K. Einiö, Christine Guilbault, Pekka Martikainen and Michel Poulain

Page 97 to 122

Norms of Filial Obligation in the Netherlands

Pearl A. Dykstra and Tineke Fokkema

Page 123 to 146

Gender Equality in Pensions: What Role for Rights Accrued as a Spouse or a Parent?
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Carole Bonnet and Jean-Michel Hourriez

Page 147 to 162

The Treatment of Couples by the Pension System: Survivor's Pensions and Pension Splitting

Carole Bonnet and Jean-Michel Hourriez

Page 163 to 164

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