Volume 67, number 3

140 pages
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Page 349 to 375

Measuring Appearance-Based Discrimination: an Analysis of Identity Checks in Paris
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Fabien Jobard, René Lévy, John Lamberth and Sophie Névanen

Page 377 to 410

From sexual debut to first union. Where do young people in France meet their first partners?
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Michel Bozon and Wilfried Rault

Page 411 to 434

Close Family Circle during Childhood and Adolescence: Between Facts and Perceptions

A Retrospective Analysis of the Life Courses of Île-de-France Residents Born between 1930 and 1950

Valérie Golaz and Éva Lelièvre

Page 435 to 463

Measuring International Migration through Sample Surveys: Some Lessons from the Spanish Case

Mónica Martí and Carmen Ródenas


Short paper

Page 465 to 478

Dispensation from Banns. A Data Source for Historical Demography and Social History

Rosa Congost, Josep Portell, Enric Saguer and Albert Serramontmany


Book reviews

Page 479 to 479

Book reviews

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