Volume 67, number 4

204 pages
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The demographic situation in France

Page 493 to 550

Recent Demographic Developments in France: Relatively Low Mortality at Advanced Ages
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France Prioux and Magali Barbieri

Page 551 to 572

Changes in Family Situations as Reflected in the French Censuses, 1962-2009
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Laurent Toulemon



Page 573 to 597

The Most Frequent Adult Length of Life in the Eighteenth Century: The Experience of the French-Canadians

Nadine Ouellette, Jean-Marie Robine, Robert Bourbeau and Bertrand Desjardins

Page 599 to 629

Realization, Postponement or Abandonment of Childbearing Intentions in Four European Countries

Balázs Kapitány and Zsolt Spéder


Short Papers

Page 631 to 651

Estimating Changes of Residence for Cross-National Comparison

Daniel Courgeau, Salut Muhidin and Martin Bell

Page 653 to 670

The Diffusion of Smoking in East and West Germany: Smoking Patterns by Birth Year

Christina Westphal and Gabriele Doblhammer


Book reviews

Page 671 to 671

Book reviews

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