Volume 69, number 3

128 pages
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The demographic situation in France

Page 273 to 321

Recent Demographic Trends in France : The Number of Marriages Continues to Decrease
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Magali Mazuy, Magali Barbieri and Hippolyte d’Albis

Page 323 to 356

A Steady Number of Induced Abortions, but Fewer Women Concerned
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Magali Mazuy, Laurent Toulemon and Élodie Baril



Page 357 to 389

Estimating Age at First Union in Africa. Are Census and Survey Data Comparable ?

Véronique Hertrich and Solène Lardoux

Page 391 to 418

Fertility and Schooling in Ouagadougou : The Role of Family Networks

Moussa Bougma, Laure Pasquier-Doumer, Thomas K. Legrand and Jean- François Kobiané


Short Papers

Page 419 to 432

A Period Total Fertility Rate with Covariates for Short-Panel Data

Gustavo De Santis, Sven Drefahl and Daniele Vignoli

Page 433 to 445

Fertility Levels and Trends in North Korea

Thomas Spoorenberg


Book Reviews

Page 491 to 504

Book reviews

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