Volume 69, number 4

128 pages
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Page 463 to 493

Trends and Risk Factors for Prisoner Suicide in France
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Géraldine Duthé, Angélique Hazard and Annie Kensey

Page 495 to 530

The Role of Inheritance and Labour Income in Marital Choices

Nicolas Frémeaux

Page 531 to 556

Do Vanguard Populations Pave the Way towards Higher Life Expectancy for Other Population Groups ?

Domantas Jasilionis, Vladimir M. Shkolnikov, Evgueni M. Andreev, Dmitri A. Jdanov, Denny Vågerö, France Meslé and Jacques Vallin

Page 557 to 597

Immigrant Families’ Relationship with the School System : A Survey of Four Working-Class Suburban High Schools

Mathieu Ichou and Marco Oberti

Page 599 to 636

Effects of Parental Leave Policies on Second Birth Risks and Women’s Employment Entry

Anna Matysiak and Ivett Szalma


Book Reviews

Page 637 to 637

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