Volume 70, number 1

190 pages
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Page 7 to 11

Migration between Africa and Europe (MAFE): Looking beyond Immigration to Understand International Migration
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Cris Beauchemin

Page 13 to 37

Migration between Africa and Europe (MAFE): Advantages and Limitations of a Multi-Site Survey Design
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Cris Beauchemin

Page 39 to 63

Is the Feminization of International Migration Really on the Rise? The Case of Flows from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Senegal
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Sophie Vause and Sorana Toma

Page 65 to 95

What Drives Onward Mobility within Europe? The Case of Senegalese Migration between France, Italy and Spain

Sorana Toma and Eleonora Castagnone

Page 97 to 125

Return Migration to Senegal and the Democratic Republic of Congo: Intention and Realization

Marie-Laurence Flahaux

Page 127 to 151

Does International Migration Lead to Divorce? Ghanaian Couples in Ghana and Abroad

Kim Caarls and Valentina Mazzucato


Book reviews

Book review editor: Francisco Muñoz-Pérez Assisted by Dominique Diguet, INED Documentation Department

Page 163 to 168

Nazrul Hoque, Lloyd B. Potter, eds., Emerging Techniques in Applied Demography, Dordrecht: Springer, Applied Demography Series, vol. 4, 2015, 394 p.
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Daniel Courgeau

Page 165 to 168

Laurie Laufer and Florence Rochefort, eds., Qu’est-ce que le genre? [What is gender?], Paris: Payot et Rivages (Petite bibliothèque Payot), 2014, 315 p.
free access

Mathieu Arbogast

Page 168 to 171

Sylvie Octobre, ed., Questions de genre, questions de culture [Questions of gender, questions of culture], Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Département des Etudes de la Prospective et des Statistiques, La Documentation Française, 2014, 150 p.
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Mathieu Arbogast

Page 171 to 173

Anne Monjaret and Catherine Pugeault, Le sexe de l’enquête. Approches sociologiques et anthropologiques [The sex of the survey: sociological and anthropological approaches], Lyon, ENS éditions, 2014, 262 p.
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Méoïn Hagège and Zoé Rollin

Page 173 to 175

Sylvie Brunel, L’Afrique est-elle si bien partie ? [Is Africa actually getting on so well?], Auxerre, Editions sciences humaines, 2014, 183 p.
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Henri Leridon

Page 176 to 179

Katharine Charsley, Transnational Pakistani Connections: Marrying ‘Back Home’, New York, Routledge, 2013, X-209 p.
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Abida Sabir

Page 179 to 181

Christelle Avril, Les aides à domicile. Un autre monde populaire [Home help: another working-class world], Paris, La Dispute, “Corps santé société” series, 2014, 288 p.
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Charlotte Debest

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