Volume 71, number 3

200 pages
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The demographic situation in France

Page 395 to 453

Recent Demographic Developments in France: A Decline in Fertility, an Increase in Mortality
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Magali Mazuy, Magali Barbieri, Didier Breton and Hippolyte d’Albis

Page 455 to 455

Discussion of the article: Covering the Coasts of Divorce
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Page 457 to 477

Covering the Costs of Divorce: The Role of the Family, the State and the Market
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Cécile Bourreau-Dubois and Myriam Doriat-Duban

Page 479 to 484

Couples who Separate: Both a Private and a Public Matter
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Bertrand Fragonard, Lucie Gonzalez and Céline Marc

Page 485 to 489

The Fig Leaf of Economic Theory
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Céline Bessière and Sibylle Gollac

Page 490 to 493

The Diversity of Legal Systems in Europe: There is No “Average” Law
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Benoît Laplante

Page 494 to 497

Should There be a System of Alimony for Unmarried Couples who Separate?
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Bruno Jeandidier

Page 498 to 499

Reducing Gender Asymmetries Due to Divorce
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Anne-Marie Leroyer

Page 500 to 503

The Key Issue in Divorce: Children
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Alain Trannoy

Page 504 to 506

Under What Conditions can Divorce be Considered as a Risk?
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Claude Martin

Page 507 to 509

Response to the Commentaries
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Cécile Bourreau-Dubois and Myriam Doriat-Duban



Page 511 to 537

Data Sources on the Older Population in Europe: Comparison of the Generations and Gender Survey (GGS) and the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)

Katherine Keenan, Else Foverskov and Emily Grundy


Seventieth Anniversary of Population

Page 539 to 539

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Olivia Samuel, Anne Solaz and Laurent Toulemon

Page 541 to 545

Demography and Famine: A Pioneering Article
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Isabelle Séguy and Christine Théré

Page 547 to 554

Subsistence Crises and the Demography of France under the Ancien Régime
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Jean Meuvret


Book reviews

Gender: History, Inequalities (1)

Page 555 to 558

Sohn Anne-Marie, 2015, La Fabrique des garçons. L’Éducation des garçons de 1820 à aujourd’hui [Manufacturing boys: educating boys in France from 1820 to the present], Paris, Textuel, 160 p.
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Marie Mengotti

Page 559 to 561

Bereni Laure, 2015, La bataille de la parité. Mobilisations pour la féminisation du pouvoir [The fight for political parity: mobilizing for the feminization of power], Paris, Economica, Études politiques, 300 p.
free access

Simon Massei

Page 562 to 564

Gallot Fanny, 2015, En découdre. Comment les ouvrières ont révolutionné le travail et la société [Raring for a fight: How women factory workers revolutionized work and society in France], Paris, La Découverte, 288 p.
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Christine Hamelin

Page 565 to 567

Macé Éric, 2015, L’Après-patriarcat [Post-patriarchy], Paris, Seuil, La couleur des idées, 180 p.
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Marie Bergström

Page 568 to 570

Prearo Massimo, 2014, Le moment politique de l’homosexualité. Mouvements, identités et communautés en France [Homosexuality’s political moment in France: movements, identities and communities], Lyon, Presses universitaires de Lyon, SXS Sexualités, 336 p.
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Matthias Thibeaut

Page 571 to 573

Burgnard Sylvie, 2015, Produire, diffuser et contester les savoirs sur le sexe. Une sociohistoire de la sexualité dans la Genève des années 1970 [Producing, disseminating and contesting established knowledge about sex. A socio-history of sexuality in Geneva in the 1970s], Bern, Peter Lang S.A. Éditions scientifiques internationales, Population, famille et société, vol. 20, XVI+368 p.
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Cécile Thomé

Page 574 to 576

Fincher Leta Hong, 2014, Leftover Women. The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China, London/New York, Zed Books, 192 p.
free access

Sandra V. Constantin

Page 577 to 579

Dussy Dorothée, 2013, Le Berceau des dominations. Anthropologie de l’inceste, Livre 1 [The cradle of domination. Anthropology of incest, book 1], Marseille, La Discussion, Familles, genres, générations, 268 p.
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Amélie Charruault

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