Volume 71, number 4

160 pages
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Page 593 to 617

Educational Differentials in the Impact of Micro- and Macro-Level Economic Conditions on Union Formation in France (1993-2008)
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Jorik Vergauwen, Karel Neels and Jonas Wood

Page 619 to 640

The Life Expectancy of Medical Professionals in the Netherlands, Sixteenth to Twentieth Centuries

Frans Van Poppel, Govert Bijwaard, Mart Van Lieburg, Fred Van Lieburg, Rik Hoekstra and Frans Verkade

Page 641 to 658

Son Preference in a Sharecropping Society

Gender Composition of Children and Reproduction in a Pre-Transitional Italian Community

Matteo Manfredini, Marco Breschi and Alessio Fornasin


Short Paper

Page 659 to 671

Fertility Transition in Bhutan: An Assessment

Tashi Dorjee and Thomas Spoorenberg


Seventieth Anniversary of Population

Page 673 to 673

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Olivia Samuel, Anne Solaz and Laurent Toulemon

Page 675 to 680

Seasonality of Marriages, Past and Present
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Wilfried Rault and Arnaud Régnier-Loilier

Page 681 to 699

Marriage a Seasonal Custom
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Contribution to a Sociological Study of Marriage in France

Jean Bourgeois


Book Reviews

Gender: History, inequalities (2)

Page 701 to 705

Holten Lianne, 2013, Mothers, Medicine and Morality in Rural Mali: An Ethnographic Study of Therapy Management of Pregnancy and Children’s Illness Episodes, Zürich, LIT Verlag, XI-237 p.
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Véronique Hertrich

Page 706 to 708

Déroff Marie-Laure, Fillaut Thierry (eds.), 2015, Boire: une affaire de sexe et d’âge [Drinking: a matter of sex and age], Rennes, Presses de l’EHESP, 208 p.
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Michel Bozon

Page 709 to 711

Levey Friedman Hilary, 2013, Playing to Win: Raising Children in a Competitive Culture, Berkeley, University of California Press, XVI-288 p.
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Julien Bertrand

Page 712 to 714

Association nationale des études féministes (ANEF), 2014, Le genre dans l’enseignement supérieur et la recherche. Livre blanc [A white paper on gender in higher education and research], Paris, La Dispute, Le genre du monde, 225 p. and Delvaux Martine, Lebrun Valérie, Pelletier Laurence (eds.), 2015, Sexe, amour et pouvoir. Il était une fois… à l’université [Sex, love and power: once upon a time … at university], Montréal, Remue-ménage, 148 p.
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Mathieu Trachman

Page 715 to 717

Debest Charlotte, 2014, Le choix d’une vie sans enfant [Choosing childlessness], Rennes, Presses universitaires de Rennes, Le Sens social, 216 p.
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Gaëlle Meslay

Page 718 to 719

Théry Irène, 2016, Mariage et filiation pour tous. Une métamorphose inachevée [Marriage and filiation for all: an incomplete metamorphosis]. Paris, Le Seuil, La République des idées, 128 p.
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Gaëlle Meslay


Other books

Page 720 to 724

Wood Jonas, 2016, Essays on Socio-Economic Differentiation in European Fertility. The Impact of Economic Context and Social Policy, Brussels, University Press Antwerp, 222 p.
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Angela Greulich

Page 725 to 727

Nowik Laurent, Lecestre-Rollier Béatrice (eds.), 2015, Vieillir dans les pays du Sud. Les solidarités familiales à l’épreuve du vieillissement [Ageing in Southern countries: can family solidarity meet the needs of older adults?], Paris, Karthala, 304 p.
free access

Tom Briaud

Page 728 to 729

Boëtsch Gilles, Gueye Lamine, Macia Enguerran, Jaffré Yannick, Bourdelais Patrice (eds.), 2015, Santé et sociétés en Afrique de l’Ouest [Health and societies in West Africa], Paris, CNRS, 320 p.
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Clémence Schantz

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