Volume 73, number 1

178 pages
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Page 9 to 33

The “Denatality Complex”: The Demographic Argument in the Birth Control Debate in France, 1956-1967
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Virginie De Luca Barrusse

Page 35 to 60

Career Choices and the Gender Pay Gap: The Role of Work Preferences and Attitudes

Isabelle Bensidoun and Danièle Trancart

Page 61 to 87

Relationships between Total and Birth-Order-Specific Fertility Indicators: Application to Spain for the 1898-1970 Cohorts

Daniel Devolder

Page 89 to 114

De Jure and De Facto Deaths. The Impact of Unregistered Attendees and Absentees on Urban Death Rates in Early Twentieth-Century Belgium

Tina Van Rossem, Patrick Deboosere and Isabelle Devos


Short papers

Page 115 to 129

Assessing the Contribution of Foreign Women to Period Fertility in Greece, 2004-2012

Christos Bagavos, Georgia Verropoulou and Cleon Tsimbos

Page 131 to 147

Political Exclusions Attributable to Poor Relief in Early Twentieth-Century Finland

Elina K. Einiö, Hanna Wass and Miia Heinonen


Book reviews

Page 150 to 152

Kreyenfeld Michaela, Konietzka Dirk (eds.), 2017, Childlessness in Europe: Contexts, Causes, and Consequences, Dordrecht, Springer, Demographic Research Monograph, XI-370 p.
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Angela Greulich

Page 153 to 156

Gotman Anne, 2017, Pas d’enfant. La volonté de ne pas engendrer [No children: the will not to procreate], Paris, Éditions de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, 246 p.
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Laurent Toulemon

Page 157 to 158

Schmitz Andreas, 2017, The Structure of Digital Partner Choice: A Bourdieusian Perspective, New York, Springer, 219 p.
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Milan Bouchet-Valat

Page 159 to 160

Aubourg Valérie, Eid Georges (eds.), 2017, Famille et temps. Modification des liens conjugaux et parentaux [The family and time: changes in conjugal and parental ties], Paris, L’Harmattan, 232 p.
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Christophe Giraud

Page 161 to 163

Maillochon Florence, 2016, La passion du marriage [A passion for weddings], Presses Universitaires de France, Le Lien social, 400 p.
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Gaëlle Meslay


Other books

Page 164 to 165

Razzell Peter, 2016, Mortality, Marriage and Population Growth in England, 1550-1850, London, Caliban Books, 135 p.
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Jean-Marc Rohrbasser

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