Volume 73, number 2

242 pages



Young Author’s Prize 2018

Page 181 to 216

Migration from French Overseas Departments to Metropolitan France: What We Can Learn about a State Policy from the Censuses, 1962–1999
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Marine Haddad


Overview of a population question

Page 217 to 306

Abortion Around the World. An Overview of Legislation, Measures, Trends, and Consequences
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Agnès Guillaume and Clémentine Rossier



Page 307 to 331

Caring for a Dependent Elderly Parent: Care Arrangements and Sibling Interactions in France

Quitterie Roquebert, Roméo Fontaine and Agnès Gramain

Page 333 to 361

Immigrants’ Spatial Incorporation in Housing and Neighbourhoods: Evidence from France

Haley McAvay

Page 363 to 382

Does Time Count? Immigrant Fathers’ Use of Parental Leave for a First Child in Sweden

Eleonora Mussino, Ann-Zofie Duvander and Li Ma


Book reviews

Page 383 to 385

Lambert Nicolas and Zanin Christine, 2016, Manuel de cartographie. Principes, méthodes, applications [Manual for map-making. Principles, methods, applications], Paris, Armand Colin, 224 p.
free access

Bénédicte Garnier

Page 386 to 387

Biernat Eric and Lutz Michel, 2017, Data science : fondamentaux et études de cas, Machine learning avec Python et R [Data science: fundamentals and case studies, machine learning with Python and R], Paris, Eyrolles, 296 p.
free access

Elisabeth Morand

Page 388 to 389

Tutz Gerhard and Schmid Matthias, 2016, Modeling Discrete Time-to-Event Data, Springer Series in Statistics, Springer, 247 p.
free access

Arnaud Bringé

Page 390 to 392

Emigh Rebecca Jean, Riley Dylan and Ahmed Patricia, 2016, Antecedents of Censuses from Medieval to Nation States. How Societies and States Count, New york, Palgrave Macmillan, 266 p.
free access

Jean-Marc Rohrbasser

Page 393 to 395

Damon Julien, 2017, Un monde de bidonvilles. Migrations et urbanisme informel [A world of bidonvilles (slums). Migration and informal urban development], Paris, Seuil, La République des idées, 128 p.
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Pierre Eloy

Page 396 to 398

Cole Jennifer and Groes Christian (eds.), Affective Circuits: African Migrations to Europe and the Pursuit of Social Regeneration, The University of Chicago Press, 2016, 352 p.
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Amélie Grysole

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