Volume 73, number 4

228 pages
I.S.B.N. 9782733220351



The demographic situation in France

Page 591 to 658

Recent Demographic Developments in France: Seasonal Patterns of Births, Deaths, Unions, and Migration
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Didier Breton, Magali Barbieri, Hippolyte d’Albis and Magali Mazuy

Page 659 to 683

Immigrant Emigration: An Overlooked Dimension of Geographical Mobility
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Matthieu Solignac



Page 685 to 719

Observing the Number of Children with EU-SILC: A Quantification of Biases

Angela Greulich and Aurélien Dasré

Page 721 to 750

Circumstances and Causes of Death Among Prisoners in France: The Preponderance of Violent Deaths

Aline Désesquelles, Annie Kensey and France Meslé

Page 751 to 770

Undoing and Redoing an At-risk Group: The Objectivation and Prevention of AIDS Among Male Homosexuals in the Antiretroviral Era

Mathieu Trachman, Maud Gelly and Gabriel Girard

Page 771 to 796

Indigenous Identification and Transitions in Australia: Exploring New Findings from a Linked Micro-dataset

Paul Campbell, Nicholas Biddle and Yin Paradies


Book reviews

Page 797 to 801

Garcia Dominique and Le Bras Hervé (eds.), 2017, Archéologie des migrations [An archaeology of migration], Paris, La Découverte/Inrap, 392 p.
free access

Isabelle Séguy

Page 802 to 804

Livi Bacci Massimo, 2017, Our Shrinking Planet, translated by David Broder, Cambridge, UK and Medford, MA, Polity Press, IX–160 p.
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Jacques Véron

Page 805 to 806

Georget Jean-Louis, Hallair Gaëlle, Tschofen Bernhard (eds.), 2017, Saisir le terrain ou l’invention des sciences empiriques en Allemagne et en France [Taking hold of the field, or the invention of the empirical sciences in Germany and France], Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, Mondes germaniques, 272 p.
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Alexandra Filhon

Page 807 to 809

Ponthière Grégory, 2017, Économie du vieillissement [Economics of ageing], Paris, La Découverte, 127 p.
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Simon Rabaté and Marianne Tenand

Page 810 to 811

Blanchet Mickaël, 2017, Atlas des séniors et du grand âge en France. 100 cartes et graphiques pour analyser et comprendre [Atlas of seniors and oldest old in France. 100 maps and figures for analysis and better understanding], Rennes, Presses de l’EHESP, 120 p.
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Alain Parant

Page 812 to 813

Beaud Stéphane, 2018, La France des Belhoumi. Portraits de famille (1977-2017) [The Belhoumis’ France: Sibling portraits (1977–2017)], Paris, La Découverte, 352 p.
free access

Maxime Lescurieux

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