Volume 74, number 1-2

Unions in France
Results from the study of individual and conjugal trajectories

210 pages
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Wilfried Rault and Arnaud Régnier-Loilier

Page 11 to 39

Studying Individual and Conjugal Trajectories in France: Scientific and Methodological Choices in the EPIC Survey
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Wilfried Rault and Arnaud Régnier-Loilier

Page 41 to 69

From Tradition to Personalization: Changing Marriage Norms in France Since the 1960s

Florence Maillochon

Page 71 to 99

New Partner, New Living Arrangements? The Process of Repartnering After Separation

Arnaud Régnier-Loilier

Page 101 to 125

Uncoupled: Experiences of Singlehood in Contemporary France

Marie Bergström, Françoise Courtel and Géraldine Vivier

Page 127 to 148

Once Homogamous, Always Homogamous? Educational Level and Career Similarity of Couples in France Who Meet at School

Milan Bouchet-Valat and Sébastien Grobon

Page 149 to 165

Some Features of Second Cohabiting Relationships

Vianney Costemalle

Page 167 to 185

Homosexuality and Bisexuality: Contributions of the EPIC Survey

Wilfried Rault and Camille Lambert

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