Volume 74, number 3

194 pages
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Thirtieth Anniversary

Page 201 to 202

Thirty Rewarding Years of Population in French and English, 1989–2019
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The Editors-in-Chief


Young Author’s Prize 2019

Page 205 to 235

Changing Patterns and Determinants of First Marriage over the History of the People’s Republic of China
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Kim Qinzi Xu



Page 237 to 255

The Marquis de Sade and the Question of Population

Jean-Marc Rohrbasser and Jacques Véron

Page 257 to 280

Economic Hardship and Transformation of Unions in Kinshasa

Jocelyn Nappa, Bruno Schoumaker, Albert Phongi and Marie-Laurence Flahaux

Page 281 to 301

A Cohort Survival Comparison of Central and Eastern European and High-Longevity Countries

Marília R. Nepomuceno and Vladimir Canudas-Romo

Page 303 to 331

Who Steps Back?

Dual-earner Couples’ Organization of Paid Work and Leave Uptake After Childbearing in Belgium

Jonas Wood and Leen Marynissen


Short paper

Page 333 to 349

Period and Cohort Measures of Internal Migration

Martin Kolk


Book reviews

Page 351 to 354

Cortés Almudena, Manjarrez Josefina (eds.), 2018, Género, migraciones y derechos humanos [Gender, migration, and human rights], Barcelona, Bellaterra, 320 pages

Maider Moreno Garcia

Page 355 to 357

Lutrha Renee, Soehl Thomas, Waldinger Roger, 2018, Origins and destinations: The making of the second generation, New York, Russell Sage Foundation, 356 pages

Narguesse Keyhani

Page 358 to 360

Attwood Lynne, Schimpfössl Elisabeth, Yusupova Irina (eds.), 2018, Gender and choice after socialism, Cham, Switzerland, Palgrave MacMillan, xxiii–245 pages

Mona Claro

Page 361 to 362

Brunet Guy and Kateb Kamel, 2018, L’Algérie des Européens au xixe siècle: naissance d’une population et transformation d’une société [Europeans’ 19th-century Algeria: The birth of a population and the transformation of a society], Bern, Peter Lang, 372 pages

Claire Fredj

Page 363 to 365

Carbonnelle Sylvie, Joly Dominique (eds.), 2018, Vieillir aujourd’hui – Des mo(n)des recomposés? [Ageing today: Reconstituted worlds and ways?], Louvain-la-Neuve, Academia-L’Harmattan, 226 pages

Pierre-Antoine Bilbaut

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