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Page 411 à 412

Foreword on the First World War
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Jean-Marc Rohrbasser

Page 413 à 443

“Farewell Life, Farewell Love”: Analysis of Survival Inequalities Among Soldiers Who “Died for France” During World War I
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Olivier Guillot et Antoine Parent

Page 445 à 480

Young Adult Excess Mortality in Switzerland: The Role of Socioeconomic Vulnerability

Adrien Remund

Page 481 à 518

Whose Integration Do We Measure? Immigrants’ Remigration and Labour Market Integration in France

Louise Caron

Page 519 à 543

Sex Imbalance at Birth in Vietnam: Rapid Increase Followed by Stabilization

Valentine Becquet et Christophe Z. Guilmoto

Page 545 à 566

Breastfeeding Practices Among Immigrants and Natives in France, from the ELFE Cohort

Claire Kersuzan, Christine Tichit et Xavier Thierry


Book reviews

Page 567 à 569

Thomas Richard K., 2016, In Sickness and In Health: Disease and Disability in Contemporary America, New York, Springer, Applied Demography Series 6, 213 p.
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Magali Barbieri

Page 570 à 570

Mukherjee Siddhartha, 2017, Il était une fois le gène. Percer le secret de la vie [The Gene: An Intimate History, New York, Scribner, 2016], translated by Pierre Kaldy, Paris, Flammarion, 672 p.
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Gil Bellis

Page 571 à 573

Capuano Christophe, 2018, Que faire de nos vieux ? Une histoire de la protection sociale de 1880 à nos jours [What to do with our old folk? A history of social protection (in France) from 1880 to the present], Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, 352 p.
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Roméo Fontaine

Page 574 à 575

Bartley Mel, 2016, Health Inequality: An Introduction to Concepts, Theories and Methods, Cambridge, UK, Polity Press, 244 p.
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Damien Bricard

Page 576 à 577

Cintract Aurélien, 2016, La mort inégale: du recul de la mort à l’analyse sociohistorique de la mortalité différentielle [Unequal death: From falling mortality to sociohistorical analysis of differential mortality], Paris, L’Harmattan, 134 p.
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Adama Ouedraogo

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